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    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    Approved by:
    National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories

  • Starting
    Pre Natal Diagnosis Lab

    This approval is granted first of its kind in India for a Voluntary non professional huminitation service provider organization.

artificial limb (mfg unit) - INDIAN red cross society, gujarat state branch

We have an Artificial Limb Department, which is working for the disabled people since 1972 and this is one of the oldest Artificial limb centre in Gujarat. After the earthquake in 2001, the workshop has been modernized with latest machineries from Germany with the generous help from German Red Cross.
Brief History about the Centre:
The Artificial Limb Centre was started in 1972 .Initially Jaipur foot (Aluminum type) was made here. Apart from that calipers, tricycles, motorized cycles etc. were also manufactured and provided to the disabled people. More than 10000 patients through out Gujarat as well as patients from neighbouring states like Maharastra, Rajsthan and Madhya Pradesh have been provided these motility aid which has helped them leading a normal life.
Old machineries:
The following machines were used at that time
1. Drilling machine
2. Metal Grinder
3. Welding machine (Both electric and gas type)
4. Colouring equipments
5. Sheet cutting machine
6. Wood cutter
Reorganising action to modern Technology:
After the devastating earthquake of 2001,the centre was modernized with latest machineries from Otto Bock( Germany) through generous support from German Red Cross. The local equipments were also discarded and the staff were provided training about the new technology. The centre is currently looked after by a well qualified P&O Engineer since 2002
1.Socket router
2.Double speed bench grinder
3.Floor model drilling machine
4.Electric vacuum machine
5.Suction machine
6.Oven with digital display
7.Heating plate
8.Heat Gun
9.Electric cutter and collection of imported German fabrication tools.